Laser Cutting

M&I Caldeiraria makes another major investment in modernizing its manufacturing process. Investing in a high-speed fiber laser cutting machine with 15000w of power, with a 2.50m x 6.0m cutting table. With articulated head, it performs cuts at an angle up to 45º, on plates up to 50mm thick.


In 2007 in the city of Sorocaba / SP, the skills of a metal pieces fabrication expert and an administrator were unified and resulted in the foundation of Milano & Ismirim Ltda. Born from the courage of visionary entrepreneurs, after a while the company was renamed M&I, in allusion to the surnames of the founders. Name that today is known as one of the largest manufacturers of devices for transporting wind equipment in Latin America. Initially producing parts and equipment for larger structures and machining operations, M&I expanded its activities as of 2010, with the production of components and equipment for the wind sector.

Quality Policy

Through the commitment of High Management and its employees, M&I Caldeiraria seeks to transform its customers' ideas and projects into products based on the quality of its services. Therefore, is committed to:

• Meeting customer’s needs and expectations, providing them satisfactorily.

• Continuously seeking quality, through:
o Customer and legal requirements aimed at metallurgical good practices.
o Terms defined in the contracts.

• Create an environment that encourages quality through:
o Adequate infrastructure
o Awareness and training
o Competence of employees

• Promote continuous improvement of the Quality Management System

Transform customers' ideas and projects into products, using innovative methods.

To be a reference company in the market, which constantly seeks consolidated methods aimed at improving the production stages, the total efficiency of its employees and the application of up-to-date control techniques.

Meet the demands with constant quality with excellence, maintaining the agreed specifications satisfying the expectations of the customers.

Transparency, Integrity, Commitment, Training, Human Valorization, Continuous Improvement.



In 2007, aiming at market needs, the idea of ​​creating a metallurgic shop in Sorocaba was born. In April, Italo Ismirim and James A. Milano founded M&I. Initial share capital: BRL 20,000.00 (twenty thousand reais)


M&I, which was located near the center of Sorocaba in a 200m² manufacturing area, starts manufacturing parts, components and equipment for the mining sectors (Camargo Correia Group / Votorantim Group) and for the cargo handling industries (Bauma / GH do Brasil), feels the need for its expansions and seeks a new location, more suitable for its production and installs itself on the sides of the Raposo Tavares highway, in a 600m² manufacturing area.


Aiming at the needs of new customers and partners, M&I purchases the first hydraulic bending machine in Sorocaba with the capacity to bend sheets up to 13mm thick in a length of 3300mm, in the same year it invests in the purchase of a CNC plasma cutting machine for more accurate and faster cuts, increasing your production capacity.


Starts the manufacture of tools and devices for transporting wind blades (TecSis). In the same year, aiming at its growth, it purchased an area of ​​10.000m² in the city of Votorantim / SP.


M&I starts production of devices and equipment for the steel industry (Gerdau), and starts construction work on its manufacturing area.


In the first half of the year, the first stage of its works in Votorantim is concluded, the administrative area has 440m² and the production area 750m², and invests in the purchase of an overhead crane with a load capacity of 16t. In the second half of the same year, it transferred to its headquarters in Votorantim.



The French company Vauché, contracts M&I for the construction of the first automated solid waste recycling center in Latin America, installed in the city of São Paulo, coordinated by Eco Urbes SP.



It invests in the training of its professionals and in the quality policy, implementing the ISO9000 management system, and in the same year it starts a partnership with the wind turbine manufacturers in Brazil (GE / WEG), renovating and manufacturing devices for wind equipment.



With the requests of its partners and customers, it starts exporting its devices to USA, India, Mexico. It expands its productive area from 750m² to 3,000m², to start the blasting and painting processes, to meet the new demands with the arrival of another company in the wind sector (Vestas).



It invests in equipment with new CNC plasma cutting technology and overhead crane, to increase its productivity and quality to its customers and partners.



M&I starts the year carrying out the third expansion of its production area by building another 1,500m² plant, to meet the "cut, bend, machining" preparation process, thus dividing its processes into three distinct processes, Preparation (1500m²) , Assembly (2000m²), Sandblasting and Painting (1000m²). At the beginning of the second half, targeting new sectors, M&I purchases a new cutting machine, which is a 15Kva CNC LASER with the capacity to cut sheets with thicknesses of up to 50mm and the purchase of two boring machines, one of which is medium size and the other is small size, all with forecast of the beginning of their operations in December of this year.


Caldeiraria (Metallurgic shop)

M&I Caldeiraria manufactures parts and equipment such as Storage Silos, Overhead Rolling Bridge, Winches, Devices for lifting parts, Vibrating Screens, Mug Elevators, Conveyor Screws, Conveyor Belts, Rotors, Exhaust Fans, Fans, High Pressure Pipes, Air Ducts , Dedusting Systems, Exhaust Systems, Crushers, Transitions, Curve in sections, Base for machine tools, machine fairing etc. We operate in the Mining, Renewable Energy, Food, Oil and Gas sectors.

Industrial Assembly

M&I has integrated solutions from manufacturing to the final assembly of complete plants. With its own construction and assembly division, combined with its technical and production capacity, it occupies a prominent position in the national market, not only as a supplier of special equipment with technological additions, but also as a manufacturer of equipment in accordance with drawings received by the client.


Manufacture of devices for transporting wind generator equipment.


Contact And Localization

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